The Schaumann Family

I have to say, family sessions are slowly becoming my favorite type of sessions.


Because I love capturing all the love and silliness between families. I love kids and their unpredictability and pure sweetness. I love how families are so comfortable with each other and get into their own little bubble during our session.

All of it. I love it all.

Typically, I don't edit photos within 24 hours but I simply couldn't help myself this time. I had the best evening with this beautiful bunch at Thomas Riley Wilderness Park in Orange County!

But then when the session is over, it gets even better because I get to show you all these special moments I captured for you! I swear to you that almost every time I photograph a family, the mom is thinking, “Oh my gosh, my kids were so crazy, I’m sure none of the pictures turned out good.” But then they get their gallery and realize that all their kids’ personalities were able to really shine through because they were just being themselves. 

I’ll leave you with these last few images. I could go on posting these adorable photos forever but I didn’t want to make this post too long. 😉


I’d be delighted to be yours! But only if you’re a super fun and sweet family who likes to play and be silly. If you’re not into fun, I doubt you’ll like my sessions 😁. Message me if you’re ready to book, but if you need more info first, you can check my pricing page.